Homesteader's Haven   

An Organic "Farm to Table" Agrihood

“C” (Coconino / Sandstone) Aquifer


It's All About the Water

With increasingly widespread water availability problems all over the southwest, and acute water problems in most of California as well as much of Southern Arizona, access to a reliable supply of high quality water is of paramount concern.  One of the many reasons we selected the White Mountain area of Navajo County Arizona for Homesteaders Haven is the Coconino Sandstone Aquifer; widely regarded as one of the best sources of reliable water in the southwestern United States. 

According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), there are over 500 million acre-feet of water in storage in the Little Colorado River Plateau aquifers, making it the largest groundwater basin in the state.  The largest and most productive of the aquifers is the C-aquifer, named for the Coconino Sandstone, which is the aquifer’s primary water-bearing element. The C-aquifer spans 21,655 square miles and extends from the Mogollon Rim to an area west of the Little Colorado River and northeast into New Mexico.

The Coconino Sandstone Aquifer water is both ubiquitous and is of very high-quality with low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) under 500 Parts Per Million (PPM) in the region enveloping Homesteaders Haven. We have extensive research and reporting data available on the Coconino Sandstone Aquifer from ADWR & USGS for anyone seeking additional information.