Homesteader's Haven   

An Organic "Farm to Table" Agrihood


To provide for the ultimate in agricultural resilience Homesteader’s Haven intends to have a beekeeping hive area near the greenhouses. Several local beekeepers will participate in the creation and management of the Homesteader's Haven bee hives.

Non-Certified Organic Crops

Many farmers have recognized that the healthiest, pesticide free and herbicide free food is grown to standards that are much higher than the currently USDA standards for “Certified Organic” food.  The NCO (Non Certified Organic) movement was born out of the confusion created by big business lobbyists contributing to the marginalization and compromise of “Certified Organic” labeling.

Livestock Sharing

Homesteader’s Haven plans to be among the first Agrihoods with active production of four-legged livestock.  Cow sharing and Sheep sharing will be offered to any of Homesteader’s Haven property owners.  By investing in cattle and sheep, Homesteader’s Haven owners will share in the calf production of the cows and be able to purchase grass fed, certified organic beef at a fraction of the cost of store bought, GMO corn fed, and hormone filled livestock. 

Aquaponics USA

Through a strategic alliance Oliver Duffy & with Aquaponics USA, Homesteader’s Haven will have an advanced Commercial Aquaponics system engineered for maximum food production.  Oliver recently relocated Aquaponics USA from Yucca Valley, California to White Mountain Lakes, Arizona.  With Aquaponics USA less than 3 miles from Homesteader’s Haven’s master planned community Oliver is able to maintain frequent supervision of the construction and operation of our state of the art Aquaponics installation.