Homesteader's Haven   

An Organic "Farm to Table" Agrihood

Monolithic              Earth Ships             SIPS

Concrete Dome                                         


​    Hay Bale          Container        Lava-Crete  



Homesteader's Haven has dedicated a remote parcel of land nearby but not contiguous to the main Haven development, to experiment with various alternative home construction techniques.

We plan to build wood, welding and other workshops in this area as well as use it for our heavy equipment storage yard. 

Below are a few of the alternative home styles that considered for inclusion in this “experimental” area.   If any of these alternative home construction styles become popular, the Haven will likely dedicate a village in a future phase for the preferred alternative construction home style.

The heavily wooded Juniper Tree forest provides community wide privacy and will allow Homesteaders Haven to add future villages of various alternative home construction methods that will not be visible from other Haven villages.

​Alternative Construction Types