Homesteader's Haven   

An Organic "Farm to Table" Agrihood

Homesteader's Haven  -  Located in the White Mountains of Arizona

*  Elevation : between 5,860 & 6,000 feet above sea level
*  Climate : Average Lows : 15° F  to 51° F      ~     Average Highs : 47° F  to 85° F     ~     Average precipitation : 0.3 in to 3.1 in

Meet the Team

Tony Tangalos - Project Manager

Don Jackson - Agrihood General Manager


Nick Hulsebos - Construction Manager

​​Tyler Green - Principle Architect

After Graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Business 
Management, Tony served clients including many celebrities all over North 
America as a Home Cinema Contractor for over 30 years. Tony relocated to Taylor 
Arizona in November, 2015 to project manage building the nation’s first off grid 
Agrihood, Homesteaders Haven.  Tony is building a team of outstanding  consultants,  engineers and planners in many disciplines to create a community that offers 
residents  robust organic food and water security.
Tyler has remained continuously employed as an architect in the Phoenix metro area since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in architecture from Arizona State University in 1985.  Tyler’s experience in alternative building methods using nontraditional materials makes him well suited to drive the site design as well as the individual housing unit design.
  Homesteader's Haven Agrihood General Manager Don Jackson graduated  from BYU-Idaho in 2000 with a degree in Landscape Horticulture Management and has passionately devoted his career to understanding the fundamentals of what makes plants grow NATURALLY healthy and abundantly. 
  Having rigorously studied the Father of Organics Sir Albert Howard and his protégé J.I. Rodale, Don’s lives by the mantra “it’s all about the soils”.  Homesteader's Haven is blessed to have Don’s talents guiding our design, buildout and management of the Agrihood component as we utilize “best practices” in proper garden design with active soils to manage pests and weeds in lieu of “Frankencrop” GMOs, herbicides and pesticides believed to be a major contributor to the alarming increase in a litany of health care concerns.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve God by being responsible stewards of all that is entrusted to our care.  To provide attractive and affordable rural locations for Homesteaders Haven residents to thrive in a neighborhood offering food and water security.  To have non-certified organic garden, livestock and dairy products provide a robust “farm to table” lifestyle in our community.  To offer educational opportunities for Agrihood and Permaculture Design thereby facilitating their widespread application. 

"What we are NOT" was created  to dispel common misperceptions about our Homesteader's Haven community. 

  Nick has 30+ years as a small business development entrepreneur including active participation as CEO for multiple small business start-ups.  Nick is experienced in alternative construction and self-reliant solutions for off grid housing in remote areas.
  Nick is passionate about helping people become self-sufficient in the production of Food, Shelter, Energy & Water security in a resilient community. His expertise in these areas will enable The Homesteader's Haven to receive the best possible product utilizing the latest innovative construction techniques in a quality and cost effective manner.